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Gold prices in Bangladesh rise up again

17 October,2015

RTNN News Desk: Bangladesh Jewellers' Association (BAJUS) in a statement said gold price has gone up by Tk 1,516 per bhori (11.664 grams) in keeping with global trends.

On Sep 9, price dropped by Tk 1,050 per bhori. A bhori of gold was being sold at Tk 43,223 until Friday.

Gold of 22-carat will be sold at Tk 43,740 per bhori from Saturday as per the revised price.

The price of 21-carat gold will be Tk 41,640, instead of Tk 40,124.

The price of 18-carat gold has been increased from Tk 33,475 to Tk 34,992.

For gold calculated on traditional method, customers will have to pay Tk 23,911.

Earlier, the price was Tk 22,569.

Price of silver has also increased. The merchants will charge Tk 991 for a bhori of 21-carat silver, instead if Tk 933.

According to international standard, there is 91.6 percent pure gold in 22-carat gold, 87.5 percent in 21-carat, and 75 percent in 18-carat.

In traditional method, gold is acquired from old ornaments. There is no standard of purity in this method.

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