Police taken stand against mass people: Shahdin Malik

11 June,2016

RTNN News Desk: Constitutional expert Shahdin Malik said that Police have taken a stand against the mass people.

The statements come in while the oppositions allege that the mass arrests are being made in the ongoing police operations.

Criticizing the police force at a ceremony at the National Press Club, he said, "it is the duty of the police to act as servants of the people, but they have taken a stand against the people being loyal to the government."

He also blames courts for the illegal actions of the police force.

Whenever the police forces have asked for remand the court didn't reject.They granted there appeals. He added.

He said the failure of the current government is increasing day by day. If the
country will run in the same manner more violence will be occurred.

Expressing concern over the ongoing violence Shahdeen Malik said, some remarkable murder has happened in the past few days and the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera have covered up these news. That is why the concern grows over the international community.

To stop the ongoing violence he calls to hold national dialogue immediately.


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