Truth inside the Wahhabi Myth: Subcontinental Islam in the 19th centuries.

Mohammad Bilal 23 March,2016
Mohammad Bilal

History cannot be supplanted by falsehood enduringly as the characteristics of truth are to be revealed one day. In the 19th centuries aso-called Islamic notion termed Wahhabism aroused and spread rapidly throughout the Indian subcontinent.

What does this Myth convey us about? Have we ever thought about this perception deeply? Now, let’s divulge the tangible fact behind this myth and start thinking soundly though it embraces our faith. ‘Al Wahhab’ is an attributive name of Allah. That’s why when someone challenges to change‘Al Wahhab’ into ‘Wahhabi’  then it becomes a not permissible turn according to the lessons of Islam. Therefore, a person cannot be considered as Wahhabi dillogically.

Rather, it can be truthfully referred that everyone in this world is Abdullah that means the slave of Allah.  Circling whom this perception spread was a renowned Islamic scholar named  Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab.

His actual name was Muhammad and his father’s name was Abdul Wahhab. He was a reformer of islam or ‘Muzaddid’ who once again cleared the Arab soil from all kinds of misconceptions and evil practices such as shirks and bidaths in the 18th centuries. In reality, his calculatedachievements havestirred many other Islamic reformers who has also been legendary and revered in the world history.

Sayd Ahmed Saheed, Mir Nesar Ali(Titumir), Hazi Shariatullah all of them are extolled as colonial Heroes of this subcontinent but they are branded as Wahhabi too. Their key culpability that is being considered is that they have toiled hard for the Renaissance of Islam in this area though they are being found in striking rebel undertakings against the erstwhile British power bloc and their oppressions.
To be continued......
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